Angle cutter for any kinds of wooden line stop processing, not easy to damage

2017-03-07 18:02:18 admin 10

Angle machine mechanical performance is good, suitable for any specification of the framework of nail Angle work, simple structure, nail angular velocity is fast, high efficiency, can nail a day more than ten thousand frame, resistance to have mechanical properties and subject to the hard and soft of wooden lines regulate pressure (4 to 8 kg/CM2), using ordinary V Taiwan brad, nail nest capacity is: 250 PCS. For any kinds of wooden line stop processing, not easy to damage.

Our factory is in the form of a modern scientific management, avail himself of the processing technology of the icing on the cake, with consumption of advanced equipment and strict testing wrist, adhere to the "quality is the foundation of the enterprise survival," the entrepreneurial ideas, adherence to the "users" in good customer service goals, to "honest, down-to-earth" is the foundation of the operation, set up long-term cooperation relationship with tens of thousands of customers.

High precision Angle cutter cut edge match lubrication no burrs, no gap, not prick the hand, make frame compare with delicate and beautiful.

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